Great white shark

The great whithe shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) belongs to the family of mackerel sharks with an averaged length of four to five meters and a maximum length of up to seven meters. It can be potentially dangerous for humans. The maximum weight can be more than three tons, but typically one meet individuals around 1,5 tons. A mating act couldn't be observed up to now, but in analogy to other shark species it qualifies as sure that the males bite the side of the female to flip her on the back (that creates a so called tonic immobility) to mate with her. Consequently scars are often found on the side of female sharks. It got the name great white from the size and the white belly, which is used for disguise. It's known the shark species with the most accidents with humans, but that were never proofen. The bite force of that animal is assume to can reach several tons and the maximum attack speed 50 km/h, which explains how that massive shark is able to jump several meter above the water surface.

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