A child have seen the movie "Jaws". From that point he was inspecting the enviroment at all snorkeling trips and he was swimming wiht a queasy feeling. At the first dive course a small reef shark appears on the sandy ground in front of the great coral reef and fearcination (see Erich Ritter) was written in his face. The fascination prevails and he trys to approach the small shark. Ten meters away the pseudo-killer was almost panicked swimming away. It's beyond belief. The killer runs away cause of an child? If small sharks act like that, how do bigger sharks behave? Are they not dangerous? Inspired by that experience, he was searching for the answers with several journeys focussed on sharks to understand those animals better. With increasing experience the respect and the fascination increased. To understand, to respect and to become fascinated by those great animals you have to see them. To offer that experience is the main idea of Sea More Expeditions.