Am I garanteed to see the animals?

No. You will be in the natural enviroment of the animals and we can not garantee a meeting. We do everything to increase the chances, but we are not able to garantee a meeting. At the most expeditions the chances are very high (you can always ask for the actual quotes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Are the animals we can dive with potentially dangerous?

Yes. It depends on the animal. For example: Non one ever documented an accident between orcas and humans and with tiger sharks there are rare events. These are unusual with divers. The big different between us and typically accidents is that we expect the animal and be accordingly prepared. That leads to the fact that we couldn´t count any accident on our expeditions yet.


Do I need to be a certified diver and which experience I have to bring with me?

It depends on the expedition you chose. For Orcas or crocodiles you don´t need to be a diver, but for the tiger shark trip you need to be an experienced one. You can figure it out with the tender.

Do I need diving equipment?

No. On most expeditions we expect personal dive equipment, but in most cases we can arrange it on site. If you want us to arrange dive equipment for you, just let us know by booking.

Booking and payment:

How can I book an expedition?

Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and explain that you would like to book the expediton. If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail on some e-mail address.

How I should pay?

Typically bank transfer. Due to the fact, that bank tranfers can be very expensive, you can also pay via PayPal (3% plus). After bill receipt 20% of the total should be transferred within 10 days, otherwise the booking decays. The balance sould be transfered 90 days before the expedition starts.

Does the price depence on an exchange rate?

Yes. If there are strong chances in the exchange rate the price will be adjust in a moderate range. You will get the exact expedition price with the bill (if it was changing you don´t have to accept it for sure). We will register you for the trip after we received the 20%.

Insurance questions:

Do I need a health insurance?

Yes, you need a health insurance, which is valid for the foreign county you travel to. Usually those is enough for snorkeling trips (please check that with your insurance). For all diving experiences a separate insurance is necessary. The standard health insurances don't save diving activities usually. DAN or AquaMed are typical diving insurances all over the world. Please insure yourself for all our activities. Up to now nothing happend, but if something is happend it could be serious.

Do I need a travel cancellation insurance?

No, it is up to you, if you arrange an insurance like that. We recommend to be covered by that for yourself. After your booking, we're planning with your participation. If you can not join the expedition or similar it can cost you up to 90% of the expedition or travel price (see SBTs for further informations). A cancellation insurance is covering that case and you have no -or just low- cost to carry.

Do I need a baggage insurance?

No, it is up to you, if you arrange an insurance like that. We recommend to be covered by that for yourself. The airlines are usually not paying for some lost or damaged baggage. Consequently it is senseful to save your valuables. The quotes are for example 7 of 1000 passangers in Europe, which is very high (please check it for your own country and decide by yourself).

Flights and transfers:

Are flights included?

No, usually we don't offer flights due to the fact that you will find flight via internet, which are much more cheaper, than we can offer them. If a flight is included it is obvious marked at the tender.

Are transfers included?

It depends on the expedition. In most cases they are included. In some cases there are not. You will find that in the tender and the mostly in the information paper after booking.

What happends, if I miss the transfer and I´m not on time at the right place?

You are responsible to be at the right time at the right place. You can find time and place on the information paper we sended you after booking, because of having the option to charter a taxi to the right place on time.


Does the catering is included?

It depends on the expedition. At some expeditions everything is included. At other ones just breakfast is included. Please check the tenders for details or ask us via e-mail.

How I should arrange self-catering?

All our expeditions or travels are worked out in a way that you can find restaurants or supermarkets in near of your accomodation.


How I should pack?

Just in the unlucky case that you loose some bags or that they don't arrive on time, you should carry all necessary drugs with you (so in the hand luggage). We recommend to put all your photo equipment and all valuables in the hand luggage. That leads to the safety that you have all important things with you even, if the flight crew distracted with your luggage.

How heavy the baggage is allowed to be?

It depends on the airline you book. Usually the free of charge weights are between 20 and 23 kg for check in luggage and for hand luggage around 5 kg per person. Most airlines offer special prices for diving luggage, which allowed usually an extra bag. Further informations can be checked by the airline or the airport.