Tiger sharks

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) got his name from the tiger like shapes on his back, which dull with time. Probably it is a disguise in shallow waters, cause it is similar to the light effects of waves and sun.At the typical size of five meters (estimations reach seven meters) they live roughly more than 30 years. The only natural enemy of an adult tiger shark is the killer whale (orca). For young it's different: They have to be careful in the womb already, cause the young are eating each other (it's a canibalism inside the womb). The gestation period is nearly the twice as much as for humans. The tiger shark is known as the "garbage bin of the oceans", but it has the most developed shape of teeth, which what they can even crack shells of turtles. Moreover in the stomach of this shark birds, fishes, car wheels and number plates were found, which explains his nickname. He prefers warm, tropical and subtropical areas and is beside the great white and the bull shark one shark species, which is potentially dangerous for humans. Most accidents happen with surfer or swimmers and rarely with divers.

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