American Crocodile

The american saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) belongs to the richest in species family of crocodile, the so called real crocodiles. Their habitat is Central America (mainly mexico) and the direct surroundings (for example Florida, Columbia etc.). While the females reach a size of around 3,5m, the males are around one meter longer and weight ca. 400kg. The up to now record in length is holded by a male of around six meters with a weight of ca. 900kg. With a attacking speed of 15 km/h on land and 30 km/h in water they are runners and swimmer in the middle range (compared to humans on land and sharks inside the water). With their peaked formed snout they are well prepeared to hunt insects (as subadults) or fishes, snakes and birds (as adults). Attacks on humans are very rare. That vulnerable species lay around 50 eggs at a brooding time of less than three months. The mothers take care of their children for another five weeks until the subadults becomes turned adrift.

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