Why us

The answer is simple: Experience. We work together with the most experienced professionals worldwide to make our expeditions as fascinating and as safe as possible. We can look back on nearly 20 years of diving experience all over the globe. Usually one choose divinig trips by choosing a country. And there you heard so often the guide saying: "On that reef we have great chances to encounter sharks, whales, whale sharks and so on". After the dive one just have to look in the long faces of the divers and it is obvious that there were no sharks, whales or something else, which was promised. We change those concept radical and we're not choose any country, where you have potentially the chance to encounter interesting animals in their natural environment. We choose the global top spots to encounter those animals. Consequently the chances are increasing and disappointments become more unlikely. All group tours become accompanies by us in order to help you with things like photography, filming, diving or just to show you the clothest beach bar. Many group tours are also bookable without a group. So, for all, who have special wishes or prefer to travel on their own, we're more than happy to plan a custom tour worldwide for you. Just send us an e-mail. If you're interested we're also more than happy to arrange an individual guided so called exclusive travel, which means that we offer all expeditions also for single travelers or small group (as you wish). Your wishes are most important for us. Overloaded package travels were yesterday.